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Recreation Software RFP

RFP Recreation Management Software


The City of San Marino is accepting proposals to select a qualified local government software vendor to provide recreation management software (RMS) to meet the business needs of the City of San Marino's Community Services Department. 

The City of San Marino seeks the assistance of an experienced company that will accomplish all of the functionalities identified in the RFP. The Vendor selected will be responsible for the implementation of a recreation management software, project management, training, and data migration solutions that will meet the performance requirements as agreed to in a final contract. The selected Vendor should have a team of experts who understand local government, who know recreation management needs, and who can help the City of San Marino achieve its goals - all while providing 24/7/365 support. 

Issuance of RFP November 25, 2020
Last day to accept questions and requests for clarifications on the RFP December 16, 2020 at 5 PM
Vendor submittals due December 23, 2020 at 5 PM
Vendor interviews and reference checks January 5, 2021
Vendor approval, enter negotiations, execute a professional services agreement January 22, 2021

1. What is your revenue brought through the current system you use for the past three Fiscal Years, along with the transaction counts of each year?
The table below outlines the transaction counts and revenue for the past three Fiscal Years. Please note that in FY 19-20, COVID-19 restrictions caused the City of San Marino to shutter many of its offerings. 

  FY 19-20 FY 18-19 FY 17-19
Transaction Count 15,609 28,846 28,838
Revenue $665,145.80 $1,275,355.53 $1,391,060.98

2. Is there any possible way that an extension could be made leading into the New Year for the responses? 
The City of San Marino will not consider providing an extension. Please respond to the best of your ability and the City will continue to give full consideration to submitted bids. 

3. Will the City accept proposals electronically? 
Due to increasing office closures, the City is amending the RFP to permit for the electronic submittal of proposals. Please refer to Addendum #1 for the instruction. 

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