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Recreation Re-Envisioning

As many members of the community are aware, the City of San Marino has been working diligently to determine the future of recreational programs offered through the Community Services Department. After several meetings with a Blue Ribbon Committee, focus groups, and the Recreation Commission, it was determined by all parties that a survey was needed to help create a plan for Recreation. In 2019, the City Manager signed an agreement with GreenPlay, LLC to develop and execute a Recreation Needs Assessment survey to assist in gaining information to develop a recommendation on the future of recreation programming. The chart below provides an overview of the process undertaken for the Needs Assessment. 

Needs Assessment Process

GreenPlay distributed two surveys throughout the month of October 2019. One survey was sent to a random sample of San Marino residents via mail in order to secure a statistically-valid survey. Residents could not request to receive a survey as this would have skewed the objectivity of the survey and voided the results. The mailed surveys required respondents to have a San Marino address and a one-time passcode. In addition, a second survey was opened online for all members of the community to submit responses. Both surveys closed on October 28, 2019.

The results from the Recreation Needs Assessment survey were returned to staff in January 2020. A community meeting was held on January 23, 2020 to present the findings of the survey to San Marino residents. The findings of the survey do not establish a course of action for the City Council, but rather serve as a guide to help the Council develop a recommendation on the future of recreation programming. A copy of the presentation and the surveys may be found using the links below. 


Recreation Needs Assessment Survey

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