San Marino Fire Department 2019 Annual Report

It is my pleasure to present the San Marino Fire Department’s 2019 Annual Report. This report contains performance metrics of the Fire Department during Calendar Year 2019, which demonstrate the Department’s commitment to effectiveness and efficiency. The success of the Department could not have been realized without the support of our community, City Council, Public Safety Commission, and the City Manager’s Office. This San Marino Fire Department Annual Report will be formally presented to the Public Safety Commission on July 6, 2020.

Our Department continues to address issues and requests from many sources. As the Fire Chief, I am proud of the “can do” attitude every member of our department has regardless of rank, position, or assignment. Regardless of the request, our staff never denies a request. Courtesy in Service has been a guiding principle of all Fire Department members. We refer to our caring compassionate service, as doing things the “San Marino Way.” This motto is our foundation of being respectful, hardworking, and service oriented.

What is not captured in the annual report is the sacrifice that was made by all members of the department. The requirements to be hired by our Fire Department are stringent for good reason. Every applicant must go through an arduous hiring process in order to meet the very high standards expected by our community. Many candidates apply; however, very few are successful in becoming tenured members of the fire department.

We look forward to facing the challenges of 2020.

Sincerely yours,

Fire Chief M. D. Rueda

The 2019 Annual Report can be found here.  Previous annual reports can be located by navigating to the Fire Department's Annual Report page.

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