View conceptual plans for a San Marino Center renovation"/> View conceptual plans for a San Marino Center renovation"/>

Conceptual Plans for San Marino Center Renovation Project

In anticipation of City Council’s June 5th discussion on incorporating a redesign of the San Marino Center into the Capital Improvement Plan for the 2020-21 Fiscal Year, the City is releasing conceptual plans of what the new San Marino Center could look like. When creating these plans, the City focused on three basic tenets:

  1. Matching the décor of the neighboring Crowell Public Library;
  2. Bringing the building up to code; and
  3. Making it a usable, flexible, and modern community center facility.

Parks & Public Works Director and City Engineer Michael Throne will be providing more information on the designs – including how we got to where we are, where there is room for adaptations, and the major cost drivers – in the coming days, and residents will have the opportunity to provide their feedback on the plans and project before Council makes a final decision in July on the plans and awarding of a contract for the development of construction plans.

If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please contact the Parks & Public Works Department at (626) 300-0765 or via email at

Conceptual plans

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