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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - CITY UPDATES

This page provides a newsfeed of all  communications that have been sent out to our residents regarding COVID-19.  Please click below for our comprehensive COVID-19 resource page, which has updated information on current City services and links to other key resources, including testing locations.

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October 22, 2020 update

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Voting Safely
This year, Los Angeles County is encouraging voters to stay safe and vote using their Vote by Mail ballot.  These ballots can be returned in the following ways:

  • By mail – no postage is necessary.
  • At any Vote by Mail Drop Box in the County.  There is one in front of City Hall.
  • At any Vote Center in the County.  There will be one at Huntington Middle School.

 If you prefer to vote in person, we want to ensure you are prepared to have the safest experience possible.  Voters are encouraged to take advantage of early voting and vote at off-peak times if possible. The local Vote Center at Huntington Middle School is open daily beginning October 30 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day.  Select Vote Centers will open on October 24.  When you visit a Vote Center, please do the following:

  • Wear a face covering while at the Vote Center or waiting in line. Face coverings and gloves will be available for voters if requested.
  • Maintain physical distance of at least six feet from people not in your household. This will be enforced while waiting in line and throughout the check-in and voting process.
  • Use hand sanitizer before approaching the check-in station and after voting. Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry and exit of the Vote Center. Hand sanitizer will also be available at key stations during the voting process.
  • Bring your Sample Ballot and use the Interactive Sample Ballot to pre-mark selections to assist with check-in andhelp speed up the process.
  • Follow any additional guidance provided at your voting location, such as directional signage.


Election workers will also be trained to implement distancing and sanitizing protocols at Vote Centers, including sanitizing ePollbooks and Ballot Marking devices after every voter.  Curbside voting will continue to be available for voters who are unable to enter the Vote Center.  For more information on voting, including how to fill out your Interactive Sample Ballot or find other Vote Center locations, please visit  

 In San Marino, we are close to the milestone of 100 cases.  Unfortunately, 96 of our residents have been infected with COVID-19 in our community.  Thank you for taking the precautions to have a safe voting experience, and please continue to wear your face coverings, wash your hands, and avoid close contact with others.

OCtober 15, 2020 Update

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Updated Health Officer Order
Earlier this month, the State released updated guidance to allow private gatherings of three or fewer households, as long as the private gathering is outdoors, everyone wears a face covering and keeps at least six feet of physical distance, food is in single-serve disposable containers, and the duration of the gathering is two hours or less. Yesterday the County announced they will update their Health Officer Order today to align with the State's guidance.
Even though small gatherings will now be permitted, please remember that gathering with people from different households increases the risk of COVID-19 transmission.  If you choose to gather with other households, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recommends that you do so with the same households each time.

Any other type of gathering remains prohibited, even if outdoors.  We are now up to 96 COVID-19 cases in San Marino.  As restrictions ease, we ask that you continue to do your part to slow the spread of the virus.  Please wear your face covering, maintain your distance from others, frequently wash your hands, and only gather with others under these strict guidelines.    

Halloween Update
Last month, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued guidance on how to celebrate Halloween safely during the pandemic. Although door-to-door trick or treating is not prohibited, it is not recommended for the following reasons:

  • It can be very difficult to maintain proper physical distancing on porches and at front doors.
  • It is difficult to ensure that everyone answering or coming to the door is appropriately masked.
  • Sharing food is risky.

Trunk-or treating, in which children go from car-to-car instead of door-to-door, is also not recommended for similar reasons. Except as outlined above, gatherings and parties with non-household members, as well as carnivals, festivals, live entertainment and haunted house attractions are prohibited.
Despite these restrictions, Halloween in San Marino can still be fun! Our Community Services Department has put together a variety of activities so that our community can celebrate safely.   These include virtual Spooky Storytime, a Scavenger Haunt, Pumpkin Carving Contest, and a Howl O'Ween Pet Costume Contest.  Please view our Fall Community Services Guide below for more information.

OCtober 8, 2020 Update
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Reopening of the Playground at Lacy Park
Last week, Los Angeles County announced that playgrounds could reopen.  We were pleased to reopen the playground at Lacy Park this past weekend!  As with other reopenings, things will be a little bit different.  The State and County have outlined specific requirements for the use of playgrounds.  These rules are in place in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.  You’ll find signs posted at the playground reminding you of all of the requirements, but here some changes to be aware of:
  • Everyone 2 years of age or older should wear a face covering while at the playground.  Caregiver supervision is required at all times to ensure face covering usage.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed at the playground, to ensure face coverings are worn at all times.
  • Caregivers are required to actively monitor their children and ensure that they maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others that are not part of their household.
  • Do not use the playground when different households are unable to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet, or when the posted capacity limit has been reached.
  • Wash or sanitize hands before and after your visit to the playground.
  • Visits should be limited to 30 minutes when others are in the playground. 
  • Stay home if you are sick with fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
  • Elderly individuals and those persons with underlying medical conditions should be reminded to avoid the playground when others are present.
We have also placed a hand-sanitizing station near the playground and City staff will continue to clean the park benches and play structures.  So far we have seen great cooperation from the community with following these new rules – thank you! 
As you begin to use the playground and other newly reopened businesses again, please keep in mind that the number of COVID-19 cases we have had in San Marino is nearing 100.  It is critical that you continue to wear your face covering, wash your hands, avoid gatherings with those outside of your household, and maintain physical distance from others.  Thank you for doing your part to help keep everyone safe!

OCtober 1, 2020 update
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LA County Announces New Reopenings
Yesterday Los Angeles County announced plans to allow the reopening of playgrounds and indoor operations of nail salons at 25% occupancy.  Other openings they announced that do not directly impact San Marino include indoor malls at 25% occupancy and card rooms for exterior gaming only.   The County will stagger the opening of these sectors over the next week, with nail salons permitted to open beginning today.  As with other reopenings, they will provide comprehensive protocols that must be followed for each sector.  Once the playground protocols are released, we will review them closely to determine when and how we can safely reopen the playground at Lacy Park. 

Los Angeles County is continuing to make progress in slowing the spread of COVID-19.  Key indicators, including positivity rates and deaths are declining.  The number of hospitalizations has stabilized after declining significantly since July.  The improvement in these indicators is a result of our actions and demonstrates the importance of wearing face coverings, avoiding gatherings, washing your hands, and keeping our distance from others.  Even though we’ve seen improvements, it is important to remember that the Department of Public Health has reported a total of 91 cases of COVID-19 that have occurred in our City, with two deaths resulting from the virus.  As additional sectors begin to open, it is even more critical that we continue to follow these best practices.  Thank you for helping to slow the spread!

September 24, 2020 Update
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City Facilities to Remain Closed through October 31

The City is continuing the closure of City facilities through October 31st.  City business may still be conducted by phone, email and limited appointments.  For more information about what this means for each department and facility, please visit our website:

 The COVID-19 test positivity rate and numbers of daily hospitalizations and deaths in Los Angeles County continue to decline.  However, there has been a slight increase in cases as a result of Labor Day weekend.  In order to continue on our path forward, which will eventually include the opening of City facilities, schools and businesses, we need to continue what we've been doing to slow the spread of the virus.  This includes wearing a face covering, maintaining physical distancing, washing your hands, and not gathering with those outside of your household.  

State Update

The "Blueprint for a Safer Economy" is a four-tiered system which will help guide the reopening of the State.  This framework places each county into one of four color-coded tiers based on two key metrics - case rate and test positivity rate.  Los Angeles County is currently in the Purple Tier, which is the most restrictive tier. The County’s case rate and test positivity rate are currently low enough to qualify for the Red Tier, but these rates must be maintained for two weeks in order to move into a different tier.  We will keep you updated on the County’s status in the State’s system.

The State also recently allowed nail salons to open for indoor services for those counties in the Red Tier.  However, Los Angeles County has maintained a stricter stance and has not allowed for the reopening of indoor services at nail salons.  The County will continue to monitor our local numbers and consult with the Board of Supervisors before making decisions on reopenings.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with the closure of our City buildings and for continuing to help keep our community safe!   

September 17, 2020 update

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Los Angeles County continues to make progress towards slowing the spread of COVID-19.  The test positivity rate and number of daily cases and hospitalizations are steadily declining.  However, L.A. County is still in the State's Purple Tier, which is the most restrictive.  The State's tiered system dictates which sectors are allowed to open and in what capacity.  The County will remain in the Purple Tier until the County's daily case rate and test positivity rate drop to the required levels to move forward.  The County's test positivity rate has dropped to the level required for the Orange Tier, however, the daily case rate still remains in the Purple Tier.  The State places counties in the more restrictive tier when metrics fall into two different tiers.  Both metrics must be met for two consecutive weeks in order to move to the next tier. 

In San Marino, there have now been 86 confirmed COVID-19 cases, up from 83 at this time last week.  Locally, there are currently 30 patients at Huntington Hospital that are hospitalized with COVID-19.  Although we are seeing encouraging improvements in the numbers, it's important to remember the virus is still spreading, including here in San Marino.  In order to reach the next tier and move closer to opening schools and other businesses, please continue to wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, keep your distance from others, and avoid gathering with people outside of your household.

September 10, 2020 Update

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Guidance for Celebrating Halloween
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recently released updated guidance on celebrating Halloween.  Gatherings of any type with people outside of your household continue to be prohibited.  This would include any type of party or event, such as a haunted house.  Trick or Treating is not expressly prohibited but it is not recommended.  It can be difficult to maintain proper distancing and to ensure everyone is wearing face coverings when going door-to-door.  Additionally, sharing food is risky.  Just like the 4th of July, Halloween will look a little bit different this year but we hope everyone can find ways to celebrate safely.  Be sure to take a look at the Recreation section below to read about our upcoming Scavenger Haunt!

As always, we urge you to keep following these best practices for staying safe - avoid gatherings of any kind, maintain physical distancing, wear a face covering, and wash your hands frequently.  You can read the complete Guidance for Celebrating Halloween here –

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Text Message Scams
The San Marino Police Department would like to provide helpful tips to avoid being a victim of the COVID-19 contact tracing text message scam.  Contact tracing is the process of identifying people who have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, instructing them to quarantine and monitoring their symptoms daily.  Contact tracers are usually hired by the Department of Public Health and generally receive your number from infected persons with which you may have had close contact.  Those names and numbers are often kept in an online system.  Usually you may receive an initial text message from the health department advising you will be receiving a call from a specific number.  It is important to know the tracer who calls will not ask for any personal information, like a social security number.  At the end of the call, you may be asked if you would like to enroll in a text message program, which sends daily health and safety reminders until the 14 day quarantine ends.  These text messages will never ask you to click on any links or ask you for any money.    
Here are several other steps you can take to protect yourself from text scammers:

  • Never provide your social security, bank account, or credit card number to anyone who advises they are a contact tracer and work for the Health Department.
  • If you receive any text messages that ask you to click on a link, do not take the bait by clicking on the link. 
  • By clicking on the link it can download software onto your device, giving scammers access to your personal and financial information.  Ignore and delete these scam messages.
  • Protect your online accounts by using multi-factor authentication. It requires two or more credentials to log in to your account, which makes it harder for scammers to log in to your accounts if they do get your username and password.
  • Enable auto updates for the operating systems on your electronic devices. Make sure your apps also auto-update so you get the latest security patches that can protect from malware.
  • Back up the data on your devices regularly, so you won’t lose valuable information if a device gets malware or ransomware.

 If you have any question please feel free to Contact the San Marino Police at (626) 300-0720.


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