Prepare for Wildfire Season by Conducting Brush Clearance

Are your family and your home prepared for wildfire season? While San Marino is mostly shielded by the San Gabriel mountains, now through December, San Marino is more vulnerable to wildfires. 

Homes in San Marino's High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, and the surrounding area, are required to conduct annual brush clearance. Brush clearance, the removal of dry and dead vegetation and other fire mitigation, helps to clear the area around homes of flammable material that can further fuel a wildfire. 

To conduct brush clearance:

  • Clear dry and/or dead vegetation, hazardous brush, or hazardous refuse away from structures, buildings, or flammable fences.
  • Remove all flammable vegetation or other combustible growth within 30 feet of any structure. Hazardous vegetation must be maintained less than 3” high.
  • Maintain hazardous grass/weeds/shrubs/trees within 100 feet of any building or structure. Grass will not exceed 18”.  Remove dead foliage, twigs, or branches within 3 feet of the ground.
  • Maintain hazardous grass/weeds located within 10 feet of any combustible fence to less than 3 inches.
  • Maintain 5 feet of vertical clearance between roof surfaces and overhanging vegetation.
  • Remove any portion of a tree or shrub that extends within 15 feet of the outlet of a chimney or stovepipe.
  • All chimneys attached to any appliance or fireplace that burns solid fuel shall be equipped with an approved spark arrester.
  • Clear leaves/needles/twigs/other combustibles from roof.
  • Woodpiles or stacked wood shall not be allowed within 20 feet of a structure. Flammable vegetation shall not be allowed within one foot of woodpiles or stacked wood.
  • Maintain trees and shrubs within 10 feet of any street, alley, or driveway so that no leafy foliage, twigs, or branches are within six (6) feet of the ground (but no more than 1/3 of the crown). 
Brush clearance creates a defensible space around your home and keeps your residence in compliance with the Fire Code.

The San Marino Fire Department conducts annual brush inspections starting in June.  If you've received a yellow notice, you need to review the Brush Clearance Checklist and make changes to comply. If you've received a pink notice, then you are in compliance. 

For more information on brush clearance, visit SMFD's web page.

You can also learn more about emergency preparedness, including wildfires, earthquakes, and more by attending our October Townhall on October 4 at 6 PM. 

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