Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins: Hide, Lock, Keep

The San Marino Police Department wants to help you prevent vehicle break-ins. Remember to Hide It, Lock It, and Keep It.

Vehicle break-ins constitute the theft of property (any value) from a vehicle. A burglary from a vehicle is the taking of property by forcing entry. The doors are locked and the vehicle is secured. A theft from a vehicle is taking property from inside an unlocked vehicle, without force.

Hide It
Take your belongings with you. When you can't, hide them from view.

Lock It
Always lock your vehicle and remove your key fob from the vehicle.

Keep It
Keep your vehicle parked in a secure, well-lit area.

Check out this video with San Marino Police Officer John Salcido explaining how to prevent vehicle break-ins. If you have any questions about motor vehicle theft or burglary, contact SMPD at (626) 300-0720.

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