The SoCal Edision annual power line tree pruning program will be performed in October"/> The SoCal Edision annual power line tree pruning program will be performed in October"/>

Edison Power Line Clearance Pruning

The Southern California Edison (SCE) annual power line clearance tree pruning program in San Marino will be performed during the month of October. SCE will notify residents several days in advance if they are planning to prune their trees.

The parts of the city that will be affected by the work are Areas 67 to 72 on the following streets: Lombardy Road between Santa Anita Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard, Santa Anita Avenue between Winston and California avenues, Robles Avenue between Santa Anita and Sierra Madre avenues, Kenilworth Drive, Sierra Madre Avenue, California Avenue between Allen and Sierra Madre avenues, Oak Knoll Avenue between Huntington Drive and Monterey Road, Old Mill Road between Los Robles and El Molino avenues, El Molino Avenue between Old Mill Road and Wilson Avenue, Wilson Avenue between Granada and Los Robles avenues, Garfield Avenue between Huntington Drive and Monterey Road, Los Flores Avenue and Buena Vista Street.

SCE contractors sometimes clear power lines in excess of 10 feet. Very few tree species grow fast enough to require that much clearance. SCE contractors do not prune or shape the entire tree. SCE contracts out the pruning with Utility Tree Service.

Every year, City staff receives calls from residents who are unhappy with the pruning that SCE contractors have done on their trees. Some residents prefer to have their trees pruned by a tree-care company of their own choosing in order to meet required SCE to perform annual power line clearing pruning clearances. Those who prefer to have their trees pruned by their own contractor can call SCE’s Vegetation Inspector Gerry Avila at (626) 260-0630 for information on SCE requirements.

Brochures are also available to customers regarding power line tree safety. For more information, visit SCE’s web site at

If you have your own trees pruned, it is necessary to prune the trees back far enough to maintain required clearances the entire year, taking into consideration the annual growth of the branches. The work must be performed by a contractor that is state-certified to work within 10 feet of power lines. The contractor must also have a City of San Marino business license and a state contractor’s license appropriate for tree pruning. Trees must be pruned in such a manner that there is at least 18 inches of clearance between the branches and the power lines at all times, with the exception of the Enhanced Fire Protection Zone. In this area, a minimum of 4 feet is required.

If you are uncertain whether or not you are in the Enhanced Fire Protection Zone, call the San Marino Fire Department at (626) 300-0735 or email at   If you have had your trees pruned and SCE notifies you that they are planning to prune your trees, call SCE immediately and let them know that you believe your trees have been adequately pruned. If you are unable to resolve the issue with SCE, call Code Enforcement Manager Ron Serven at (626) 300-0789 or email at to request assistance.

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