Download the San Marino Service Request App

Spot an issue in your neighborhood? A pothole, graffiti, or perhaps a fallen tree limb? Report them in the City of San Marino's Service Request app! The free San Marino Service Request App can be used to report both service requests and possible code enforcement violations.

The Parks & Public Works department is responsible for maintenance, repair, design, and construction of the city’s infrastructure (with the exception of water) and appreciates your help identifying areas within the City that need to be fixed. The Community Development department’s Code Enforcement division investigates violations of laws or ordinances relating to public health, safety and welfare, the operation of businesses, building standards, and other municipal interests.

It’s easy to submit a request using the mobile app.

  1. After downloading the app, click "Start Request" and select your issue. Topics are divided by Code Enforcement and Public Works issues.
  2. Provide details of the request. You have the option of taking a photo of the issue or uploading a picture from your library. Search for the address where the problem is located or move the map around to drop the pin in the identified location.
  3. You can choose to submit your request as "Private" or "Anonymous". If you submit as Anonymous, staff will not be able to follow up with you for questions or updates.

If you prefer not to use the mobile app, you can submit requests on the City of San Marino’s website. Alternatively, you can contact Parks & Public Works via email or phone at (626) 300-0765. Report code violations to the Community Services department by calling (626) 300-0714.

To see how the app works in action, check out this video featuring Victor Aleman, Code Enforcement Manager, and Marc Aguilar, Code Enforcement Officer.  

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