Business Spotlight: New Moon Restaurant

Every month, the City will be doing a spotlight on one of the City's amazing small businesses. This month's spotlight is New Moon Restaurant. Read below for an interview with owner Hienhoa Nguyen to learn more about her restaurant and how to support it!
Tells us your story! When did you open New Moon Restaurant?

New Moon Restaurant first opened in San Marino in 2012. I bought it February 2020. I’m new to the restaurant business, but if you can do it during the pandemic, then you can do it in any other year too! We’re also excited to get a Beer and Wine license in September this year.

Why did you choose to set up your business in San Marino?

I chose to run New Moon Restaurant in San Marino because my children are students in San Marino, so it’s an opportunity to be close to them and home.

Which is your favorite entrée?

I like Chef Pung Steamed Fish and the Chloe Shrimp.

What are some ways we can order from New Moon?

You can order from New Moon on our website

We’re also available through Uber, Doordash, or by phone: 626-284-8877.

 We provide free delivery up to 2 miles for orders over $25.

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