Business Spotlight: New Creation Picture Framing

Every month, the City will be doing a spotlight on one of the City's amazing small businesses. This month's spotlight is New Creation Picture Framing. Read below for an interview with owner Nancy White to learn more about this great store and how to support them!

Tell us your story! When did you open New Creation Framing?

After 25 years in East Pasadena, New Creation Framing relocated and opened on Huntington Drive. Our clients were so glad we had not opted for Old Towne. Everyone's familiarity with Huntington Drive and the unhurried pace of San Marino has made it a good fit for us. We retained our loyal customers and added new locals to our family of framing patrons.

Where did you get the idea for this business?

If I hadn't worked in a custom frame shop during my P.C.C. years it never would have occurred to me to have a frame shop of my own. I had a knack for the design and craft of framing. The opportunity arose to purchase a five-year-old fledgling framing business. Bravely, with a 6-week-old baby in my arms, I signed the ownership paperwork...that was 30 years ago. 

 How are you different from other framing businesses?

 We are your friendly neighborhood frame shop, since 1984! Handcrafted, custom, bespoke, one of a kind, that's what we do. Behind the design counter there is Nancy and Andrea, a combined 60 years of framing know how! We frame hand worked textiles for designers, award winning embroiderers and needle art shops across the USA. Each item, be it paper art, canvas or memento gets extraordinary professional attention. At the design counter we educate and explain, even draw details of the planned projects which may include, multiple windows, calligraphy or even an illustration on the matting. Craftsmanship, unique design and creation of a luxury good like custom framing is fiddly and inefficient when compared to mass production. Well, so be it!  Speed and standardization aren't our goals. Delving into this specialized design world, customers often say, "Wow, this was so fun!" 

Has a friend told you about New Creation Picture Framing?  Through several recessions and a pandemic, we have relied on word-of-mouth referrals. This 30-year campaign of 'good work grows more work' has held true through good times and bad.

How can we get frames and visit your shop during COVID-19?

You can call 626.793.2636 and make your own design appointment with Nancy or Andrea. We will ask how many items you have to frame and block out an exclusive window of time for you or your group to be in the shop. Together we will go through matting techniques, colors and glazing options. New Creation Framing has been extraordinarily busy during the pandemic. Currently our orders are taking 3-5 weeks depending on complexity. We will continue to take appointments and honor timely completion of projects in the workroom. We are fully vaccinated and pleased to be able to remove masks indoors when clients are fully vaccinated as well.

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