San Marino Fire Department 2020 Annual Report

Dear Residents,

It is my honor to present the San Marino Fire Department’s 2020 Annual Report. This report contains performance metrics of the Fire Department during Calendar Year 2020, which demonstrate the Department’s commitment to effectiveness and efficiency.  The success of the Department could not have been realized without the support of our community, City Council, Public Safety Commission, and the City Manager’s Office.  This San Marino Fire Department Annual Report will be formally presented to the Public Safety Commission on June 7, 2021.

This past year was remarkable, with our nation, our state and our City being struck by a world-wide pandemic. Throughout this unprecedented event, the Fire Department continued to address issues and requests from many sources.  As the Fire Chief, I am proud of the “can do” attitude demonstrated by every member of our department regardless of rank, position, or assignment.  Regardless of the request, our Firefighters stepped up.  Courtesy in Service has been a guiding principle of all Fire Department members. We refer to our caring compassionate service, as doing things the “San Marino Way.”  This motto is our foundation of being respectful, hardworking, and service oriented, and continued during the pandemic.

What is not captured in the annual report is the difficult year faced by several members of the department.  Several Firefighters contracted COVID-19, as well as several that were subject to potential exposures and quarantine.  It was a difficult year, but I am proud of the work of the firefighters, and I am honored to be a part of this organization and City.  We look forward to facing the challenges of 2021.

Sincerely yours,

M. D. Rueda
Fire Chief

The 2020 Annual Report may be found here.  Previous annual reports can be located by navigating to the Fire Department's Annual Report page.

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