Business Spotlight: Tony's Pizza

Tony's Pizza

Welcome to the first ever business of the month spotlight! To support our local businesses and give them the opportunity to tell their story, we will be conducting short interviews and posting them here and on our social media channels monthly. Our first spotlight is Tony's Pizza! You can read the interview, and learn how to order food during COVID, below.

Tell us your story! When did you open Tony’s Pizza?
We opened our store in 1973, just across the street from where we are now.

Where did you get the idea for this restaurant?
I was born in Naples, Italy, and I always had a passion for good food.  When I arrived in New York, I discovered people’s fondness for pizza.  And so, I decided to open my first restaurant in Brooklyn and then brought that idea out to the beautiful City of San Marino.

How are you different from other Pizza businesses?
We are different because we care.  We care about our product, our pizza and our community.  We strive to put forth the best pizza you can ever have.

How can we order your pizzas during COVID-19?
You can order our pizzas by calling our phone number (626) 793-4114. We are open Wednesday through Saturday, 12-3pm for lunch and 4-8pm for dinner.  We also offer local delivery and curbside pick-up.


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