Service Requests & Code Enforcement Violation Reports

The module below can be used to report both service requests and possible code enforcement violations. Once your request or report has been submitted, it will go directly to the appropriate staff member and you will updated on the progress. You can also download the GoGov mobile app by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. The app will give you easy access to reporting, as well as other key City resources. 

The Parks & Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance, repair, design, and construction of the city’s infrastructure (with the exception of water) and appreciates your help identifying areas within the City that need to be fixed. If you would prefer, you can also email the Department at or call them at (626) 300-0765.

The Community Development Department is responsible for code enforcement. While staff  proactively identifies code violations they see while out in the field, the City also appreciates the reporting of any possible violation. If you would prefer to contact staff directly, please call (626) 300-0714.

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