Pay Online For

The City of San Marino is working to expand our online payment services. You can now apply for and pay online for the following services. If you are having payment issues, please contact the Finance Department at (626) 300-0737.
Alarm Permit
Register for or renew your residential or commercial alarm permit

Business Licenses
Apply for a new business license in the City or renew your current license

Building Permits and Plan Checks
Apply and pay for building permits and plan checks

House Watch Program
Request that the Police Department watch your house while you are out of town and pay 

Parking Citation
Pay your parking citation

Police Clearance Request
Request and pay for a Police Clearance Letter 

Police Report Request
Request and pay for a police report 

Temporary Overnight Parking
Apply and pay for an overnight parking permit 

Tree Removal Application
Apply and pay for a tree removal request

Unoccupied Residence Registration
Register your house as unoccupied and pay accompanying fee

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