Mayor & City Council

Steven Huang, DDS
Gretchen Shepherd Romey
Vice Mayor 
Susan Jakubowski
Council Member 
Steve Talt
Council Member 
Ken Ude
Council Member 
Dr. Steven Huang  Gretchen Shepherd Romey  Jakubowski, Susan  Steve Talt Ude, Ken

Governing the City of San Marino is a City Council of five members, elected by the people to a four-year term, at elections held in November of odd calendar years.

Note: After the November 2019 election, the City of San Marino will switch to even-year elections to follow a new state law that requires us to align our local elections with the State of California. Because of this, Council Members elected in 2017 and 2019 will serve 5-year terms, with our next election to be held in 2022.

These five council members serve without any financial compensation and elect one of their own members as Mayor.  To email any member of City Council, please click on their name below:

Calling on government
We take this opportunity to extend to all San Marinans a cordial invitation to call on any branch of your city government to aid you in any service we can offer you. This is your city, and the friendly and courteous city employees are happy to assist you in enjoying your own hometown of which we are all so proud.

San Marino was formed to protect your personal rights and to control the growth and activities of the city in such a way that each individual resident will be guaranteed a pleasant place in which to live with a minimum of nuisance and with assurance that his property values will be protected by stringent zoning regulations.

It is your City Council's desire to acquaint the old and new residents with the history and background of San Marino, its many advantages, and some of your responsibilities as a citizen.

The principles upon which the first City Council established San Marino in 1913 have been followed through the ensuing 100 years. The founders of this city wished it to be uniquely residential - single-family homes on large lots surrounded by beautiful gardens, with wide streets and well maintained parkways. There were to be no manufacturing districts, heavy business areas or any apartment houses or duplexes. To maintain these standards, the City Council has continued to pass and enforce strict zoning regulations.

To leave a message for a council member, please call the City Clerk at (626) 300-0705, or you  can email them at the addresses linked above.

City Council Meetings and SPEAKER REQUeST Form
The San Marino City Council meets regularly on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall, as well as on the last Friday of the month at 8:30 AM in the Barth Room at Crowell Public Library.

If you would like to address the Council during public comment, please fill out and bring the form below. Copies will also be provided at each meeting.

City Council Meeting Speaker Request Form

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