The purpose of neighborhood watch is to enhance communication and cooperation between neighbors to prevent crime and provide an additional layer of assistance in the event of a disaster.
A neighborhood watch block captain is a volunteer who serves as liaison between the Police Department and the residents of the captain’s neighborhood.

The size or number of homes in a particular neighborhood is determined by the block captain, however, for coordination purposes the Police Department need to know what homes a block captain is responsible for.

The block captain is responsible for knowing each of the families living in his or her neighborhood watch area, and it is the block captain’s responsibility to serve as liaison between the Police Department or Fire Department and the individual residents of their respective neighborhood. This can be accomplished by personal contact, telephone, or email.

In this role the block captain would be called upon to relay certain information or requests from the Police Department to each of the residents in their neighborhood, or if necessary, convey information from their residents to the Police Department

To facilitate good communication it is recommended that at least once a year block captains meet collectively with all the residents of their neighborhood. This can be accomplished with a block party or a neighborhood watch meeting, or some other way the captain deems appropriate.

The Police Department will annually host a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain meeting. The goal is that all captains would attend to confirm their continued participation, voice any concerns or problems, and hear from the Police Department and Fire Department on safety or disaster preparedness goals for the upcoming year.


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