Current Projects

Project list will only show major projects and will be updated every 60 days. 
Address or Location(s) Submitted Date File No. Project Description
1270 Oxford Road 11/12/2019 DRC 19-91 Single-Family addition and exterior modifications
2805 Carlaris Road 11/15/2019 DRC 19-92 1st and 2nd Story Addition
1722 Hilliard Drive 11/26/2019 DRC 19-94 Single-story addition
1906 S. Euclid Avenue 12/26/2019 DRC 19-95 Single-story addition
375 Huntington Drive 2014 ZC 14-01 Request to Change Zoning from Residential to Commercial
Residential Properties Code Amendment - Livable Area and Balconies
Commercial Properties Code Amendment - Rear yard setbacks for Commercial Properties and definition for remodel
Residential and Commercial Properties Code Amendment- Vacant Residential and Commercial Properties - Completed
Residential and Commercial Properties Code Amendment - Tree Preservation

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