About the Department

The Park & Public Works Department has three divisions - Administration, Public Works, and Park.  

The Administration Division provides administrative support for the department and administers capital projects.  The Administration Division consists of the city and traffic engineering, supported by half of the Assistant City Manager and an Administrative Analyst.

The Public Works Division consists of Streets, Sewer, and Garage sections.  A Park & Public Works Manager oversees these sections, including the Park Division.  The Public Works Division continues to develop systematic preventive maintenance programs for city streets, curb, gutter, sidewalk and driveways, sewer lines, street lights and traffic signals, traffic sign posting, and inspects and oversees all capital improvement projects.  This Division is responsible for 65 miles of street, 14 blocks of alleys, 100 miles of sidewalk, 7 City parking lots, all traffic markings such as lane lines, red curbs and crosswalks, more than 3,000 traffic signs, 14 signalized intersections, over 1,949 City-owned street lights, and the City's equipment and fleet.

The Streets Division has Concrete, Asphalt & Underground Utilities and Striping, Signage & Building subsections.  Staff includes a Street Foreman, Maintenance Workers, Maintenance Aides, and Maintenance Assistants.  The Streets section is responsible for the management of pavement, curbs, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, street lights, traffic signals, and pavement marking.  The section is responsible for ensuring that all City streets are well-maintained, routinely repairs potholes, and reconstructs curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and driveways.  This section changes street light bulbs and ballasts, repairs street light circuits, repaints traffic markings, replaces damaged and worn traffic signs, responds to interdepartmental service requests and inspects all private work performed within the public right-of-way.  These activities facilitate the safe and efficient movement of traffic through the City.  The City contracts for street sweeping and traffic signal maintenance and repair. 

The City contracts for sewer cleaning and blockages.  All sewer mains are cleaned and videoed via closed circuit television (CCTV) every other year.

The Garage section maintains the City's fleet, other City equipment, and performs building maintenance.  Staff includes a Garage Foreman and a Maintenance Worker.  This section is responsible for the general maintenance, mechanical repair, and sound operating condition of City vehicles and motorcycles used by City departments as well as numerous pieces of small equipment.  These vehicles range in complexity from heavy construction equipment to passenger cars and light trucks.  Routine preventive maintenance is performed on a scheduled basis based on the mileage of the vehicle that is recorded as vehicles are fueled.

The Park Division has a Park and a Public Grounds section.  Staff includes a Park Foreman, Maintenance Workers, Maintenance Assistants, and Park Attendants.  The Park Division is responsible for maintaining 25 acres of median strip, trimming or replacing more than 7,300 street trees, and maintaining the beauty of the 35 acres of Lacy Park.  This Division is also responsible for all public landscape areas including the Rose Arbor, the Library grounds, and the landscaping at City Hall and Stoneman.

The Park Section maintains the beauty of Lacy Park and City buildings, administers park permits and the collection of entry fees ,and manages events in the park.

The Public Grounds Section administers the tree preservation ordinance and maintains the urban forest (trees on public property including street trees) and grounds around public buildings.  This includes 25 acres of median strip, pruning or replacing street trees, and the landscaping at City Hall, Crowell Public Library, Stoneman, and the San Marino Center.

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