In-Service Training Program
In keeping with the Fire Department’s values of safety, quality, and Integrity, all personnel are committed to an aggressive in-service training program. Every day they train for at least two hours (5,840 man-hours annually) on topics and tasks essential to the safe and effective delivery of emergency services in our community.

Some of the topics include special firefighting situations, fire investigations, fire code enforcement, basic and advanced life support, hazardous materials incidents, urban search and rescue, prefire planning, and scene management.

As an integral part of its training program, the Fire Department conducts multi-agency exercises related to high-risk or high-value areas of the city, such as the Enhanced Fire Protection Zone, Huntington Library, art collections, and botanical gardens. 

These exercises enhance their ability to respond swiftly to infrequent but critical incidents by emphasizing prefire planning, terrain, routes, water systems, evacuation procedures, and medical care.

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