About the Department

Mission Statement

To prepare the community to prevent or manage the most likely emergencies, to mitigate those that cannot be prevented, and to protect those we serve from the adverse effects of all hazards.


  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Safety


  • The Fire Department's motto is courtesy in service.

Service Area
The City of San Marino Fire Department proudly and professionally serves a community of approximately 14,500 people and a square mile area of 3.75 miles.

21 total, which includes:

  • 12 Firefighter / Paramedics
  • One Fire Chief
  • One Administrative Analyst
  • Three Captains
  • Three Engineers
  • One Division Chief

Six vehicles, which includes:

  • One Antique Fire Engine (1923 La France)
  • Fire Chief Vehicle
  • Fire Marshall Vehicle
  • Fire Command Vehicle
  • Two Type 1 Pierce Fire Engines
  • Two ALS Rescue Ambulance
  • Utility Vehicle (unstaffed)

Privacy Practices
Fire Department Privacy Practices

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