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Hometown Heroes

In honor of Veterans Day, the City will unveil its first-ever outdoor exhibit at Lacy Park featuring the profiles of San Marino veterans. Entitled “Hometown Heroes,” the exhibit will be located just south of the park’s War Memorial and displayed Nov. 11-15.

Open to the public, the exhibit shines new light on local veterans by giving voice to their learned experiences and allowing them to frame and share those experiences in their own words. Organizers hope to see it grow and integrated into future community celebrations.

San Marino veterans interested in being profiled as part of the growing exhibit are encouraged to contact Victoria Marshall at (626) 403-2200. There is no cost to participate; participants will only need to submit a service photo and complete a brief questionnaire.

Stephen J. Antosy III
San Marino Veteran
Army, Technician (T-4)
1943-1946, Germany

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