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Earth Week: April 19-24, 2021

Earth Day typically lasts just 24 hours, but this year, the City of San Marino will celebrate the occasion with a slate of FREE family-friendly activities spanning April 19-24.

The weeklong program—the very first offered by the City in its history—will comprise both virtual and on-site activities. All events offer accessible opportunities for children and adults alike to explore and enjoy the wonders of nature. In-person events will be held in accordance with applicable health order regulations and require the wearing of masks.

Unless otherwise indicated, pre-registration is required for each activity and can be completed by visiting cityofsanmarino.org/register and using the provided activity code. San Marino residents will receive priority registration.

The activities include:

Designed for kids ages 3-12, the following kits will be made available while supplies last.

Create Your Own Chia Pet
Our DIY Chia Pet-style kit is a fun, simple craft for kids and provides a hands-on example of how a tiny seed (in this case, the chia) can grow and produce food! Register with Activity No. 111113-01.

Earth Day Explorer Kit
Outfit your budding explorer with some key tools for navigating nature, including a magnifying glass for identifying bug species in the backyard and all the materials needed to plant and grow flowers. For more information and to register, visit cityofsanmarino.org/explorer.

APRIL 19 & 21 
Arbor Tours at Lacy Park, 11 a.m.
For ages 18+. Join Sammy Estrada, the City’s urban forester, on a half-hour walking tour of Lacy Park. Over the course of the tour, Estrada will discuss the park’s many tree species and share in-depth information, fun facts and tips about caring for trees and selecting tree species. Each tour is limited to 10 people. Register with the following activity codes:

April 19: Activity No. 111112-01
April 21: Activity No. 111112-02

APRIL 20         
Virtual Composting Class, 7 p.m.
For all ages. Rather than send your food scraps and lawn clippings to the landfill, how about turning them into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants, garden or lawn using a home composting system? This virtual lesson will include recommendations on what to feed your compost pile, appropriate bins and methods, and tips and trouble-shooting advice. Instruction will be offered by Compost Culture, a teacher-student collaborative of South Pasadena and San Marino high schools. No pre-registration is required; access the live virtual event via Zoom at cityofsanmarino.org/compost (link to go live 10 minutes before class begins).

APRIL 22       
Earth Day Make & Fly a Kite, 3:30 & 4:30 p.m.
For families. At this in-person event at Lacy Park, families will learn how to make kites from recyclable materials, decorate their kites as they see fit, then immediately launch them in the Lacy Park field. Materials for one kite will be provided per household. Each session can accommodate a maximum of 15 households. Register with the following activity codes:

3:30 p.m.: Activity No. 111111-01
4:30 p.m.: Activity No. 111111-02

APRIL 24           
Mulch Giveaway, 9 a.m. to noon
For ages 18+. The City will give away mulch in the Stoneman School rear parking lot (located at 1560 Pasqualito Dr.). The mulch is provided by the City’s Public Works Division and generated from tree trimmings and other plant materials found at Lacy Park. Large mounds will be available for self-service only (bring your containers), with shovels made available to the public and handles sanitized regularly. Mulch will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to San Marino residents only. Bring proof of identification and San Marino address. No pre-registration is required.

For more information on any of these activities, call the City’s Recreation Division at (626) 403-2200.

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