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A to Z Databases

America's Newspapers
Find information on issues and events, education, health, government and more including newspapers, videos and web-only content featuring the Daily News, Pasadena Star-News, USA Today and more.

Archives of Sexuality & Gender
This database presents important aspects of LGBTQ life in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond. This archive will help students focused on gender and LGBTQ studies, women's studies, American studies, civil and human rights, journalism, social movement history, British twentieth-century history, and more.

Biography in Context
Look up information about biographies.

Resources for veterans and job seekers.

Britannica Escolar
Britannica Escolar contains accurate and age-appropriate research content in Spanish.

Britannica Library
Search the classic encyclopedia online.

Britannica School
Britannica School features thousands of timely and curriculum-relevant articles, multimedia elements, and research tools on all kinds of subjects for all grade levels and reading abilities.

Gain instant access to the most popular magazines through Flipster, an online newsstand.

General OneFile
A general collection of a wide range of materials: news articles, magazines, books, academic journals, images and video. The materials support general interest and research.

Scout the internet for jobs.

Literature Resource Center
Find out about different types of literature.

Los Angeles Times
Inspect the Los Angeles Times.

New York Times
Access New York Times Articles and read the latest news.

Newspaper Archive
Pursue information about archived newspapers.

Find fiction read-alikes and suggestions.

Opposing Viewpoints
Defend any point of view on hot social topics.

press reader
Access current issues of the LA Times along with thousands of other hot publications.

Scribner Writer Series
Look up essays and biographical information about famous writers.

Testing & Education Reference Center
Observe the testing and education reference center.

Twayne's Authors Series
Provides in-depth analysis of works by well-known and classic authors.

Value Line
Explore company stock history with Value Line

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