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Community Development Department

COVID-19 PROCEDURE: All procedures aim to protect everyone's health. We are working to assist you via online procedures and systems.

  • Please view the information under the Building Division webpage for instructions for permit, plan check, and inspection services.
  • Please view the Construction Guidance for information on the latest County Public Health Order and directions for construction.  All construction projects must comply with the Mandatory Directive.  Thank you for taking steps to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Appointment Center:

Beginning on June 1, 2021, walk-ins will be welcomed at the Community Development Department.  Meetings with staff are available Monday through Friday for 30 minute intervals. To make an appointment to speak to the Planning Division, click on the Appointment Link below.  Appointments with the Building and Business License Division are not required.  In-person meetings will take place at the public counter located in the Community Development Department within City Hall. Zoom meetings are still available upon request. If you would prefer to meet via Zoom, please specify in the comments section.



Maintaining the high-quality residential character of San Marino is the top priority of the Community Development Department.

This department is responsible for administering and enforcing local and state regulations applicable to construction on private property within the city. Included in this responsibility is the review of construction plans, issuance of permits and field inspection of projects from foundation through final completion of buildings.

The department plays the major role in ensuring conformance with city ordinances, state laws, and promoting property maintenance.

  • For Building Plan Check information, please visit the Building Division webpage by selecting the link.
  • For Planning Division information, please visit the Planning Division webpage by selecting the link.
  • For information on how to open a new business, change ownership of a business, or change the name of a business, please visit the Business License webpage by selecting the link.


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