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2021-2029 Housing Element

2021 Housing Element Update
The City of San Marino is currently updating its Housing Element for the 2021 to 2029 period. State law requires each city to update its Housing Element every eight (8) years and submit it for certification to the State. The update process started in November of 2020 when the City engaged housing consultant, 4Leaf, Inc., to spearhead the update.

A major portion of the update is the Reginal Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA), this document estimates each region’s housing needs at all price levels based on the existing population plus its projected growth over the next eight (8) years. The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) determines the housing needs for each region. The total units estimated for the entire Southern California region are then distributed to each City by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).  

For more information on the RHNA allocation methodology and process, please visit the SCAG’s RHNA page here:

The draft allocation for the City of San Marino’s 6th Cycle (2021 to 2029 period) is 399 units. The City is not required to construct additional housing units or issue building permits to meet the RHNA allocation. The allocation is a planning goal, not a construction quota. The City is required to evaluate land use patterns, development regulations and challenges, and identify potentially developable land through site analysis at the parcel level to demonstrate how the City plans to accommodate the City’s RHNA allocation.

Following the community survey, a series of public forums (these will likely be held online due to the ongoing pandemic) and discussions will be held to ensure that the City’s approach aligns with the needs, desires, and goals of the community. The forums will help us meet the community’s goals and address the State’s housing mandate. A draft document will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and presented to the City Council for approval after public hearings.  The public is encouraged to participate throughout the process. If you have any questions or would like to provide comments on the Housing Element update, please email:

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