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1. When is a tree pruning permit required?
2. When is a tree pruning permit not required?
3. When is a permit required to remove a tree from a homeowner’s property?
4. When is a permit not required to remove a tree from a homeowner’s property?
5. When may the tree pruning or tree removal work that has been identified on the tree removal / tree pruning permit be started?
6. What type of pruning is the tree contractor or homeowner able to perform on trees in the City of San Marino?
7. What is meant by the terms “severe pruning” and “topping”?
8. What is the proper way to make a pruning cut on a tree?
9. Where can a tree contractor/maintenance gardener or homeowner find out more information on general tree care or City of San Marino Tree Ordinance questions?
10. Q. What may happen if the tree contractor / maintenance gardener or homeowner performs work on trees in San Marino violates the City of San Marino’s Tree Preservation Ordinance?
11. There is a tree located on the neighbor’s property that overhangs my property, can I prune the tree?
12. Who do I call to get my parkway tree pruned? How do I get a tree planted in the City parkway?
13. Will the City prune the shrubs in the parkway? Will the City prune back the shrubs / trees that extend from a property into an alley, sidewalk or street?
14. Can I plant a tree in the City easement?
15. What are the requirements for landscaping adjacent to streets and parkways in residential zoned areas?
16. There are bees in the tree located in the city parkway. Will the city remove them?
17. I have bees on my property (other than the parkway tree). Will the city remove them?