July 2020

July 27, 2020 Update

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City Facilities to Remain Closed for In-Person Services through August 31

Given the recent increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, the City has made the decision to extend the closure of City facilities through August 31.  Even though our buildings are closed to the public, staff is still working and you can conduct most City business by phone, email and limited appointments.  You can also continue to participate virtually in City Council meetings and other City Commission, Committee and Board meetings.  Participation instructions are found on the agendas, which are posted on our website.  Below please find more information about the closure of each department and facility.  

 City Hall (Planning & Building, City Clerk) – Limited Public Access through August 31  

  • Public access is limited to appointment-only for essential services that cannot be accomplished via telephone or email.
  • Regular business may still be conducted via phone or email whenever possible. Staff can be reached at (626) 300-0700 to help with these services or to help you set up an appointment.

 Crowell Public Library – Closed through August 31

  • Crowell Public Library is closed to visitors through August 31.
  • Staff is still available and can be reached at (626) 300-0777. Residents are also encouraged to take advantage of curbside pickup, digital resources, and virtual programming.

 Fire Department – Limited Public Access through August 31  

  • Public access is limited to emergency situations only. Emergency response services are still fully staffed and will continue as normal. Please call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.
  • For non-emergency requests and support, staff can be reached at (626) 300-0735.

 Lacy Park – Park Open but Playground Closed through August 31

  • Lacy Park remains open for personal use, but due to the County’s Health Officer Order, the playground is closed. To avoid the need for a complete park closure, we encourage visitors to wear face coverings and refrain from congregating while at Lacy Park.

 Parks and Public Works Department – Limited Public Access through August 31  

  • Public access is limited, but appointments and electronic services will still be provided for: drainage, grading, and erosion inspections, encroachment permits, plan reviews, and city engineering.
  • Staff is still working and available for service requests to repair public infrastructure (street lights, potholes, trees, etc.). Staff can be reached at (626) 300-0765 or via email at publicworks@cityofsanmarino.org. Service requests can also be submitted on our website.

 Police Department – Limited Public Access through August 31 

  • Public access to the lobby is limited to emergencies, custody exchanges, legally required check-ins, and other necessary in-person transactions.
  • A two-way intercom that the public can use to immediately communicate with a member of the Police Department is available outside the Police Department lobby.
  • All other services, including non-emergency reports, will be handled via telephone. The only service that is being temporarily discontinued is Livescan.
  • For non-emergency requests, staff can be reached at (626) 300-0720. For emergencies, please call 9-1-1.
  • The Police Department will also not be issuing parking citations for violations of overnight parking rules through August 31st.

 Recreation (Stoneman) – Closed through August 31  

  • Recreation is closed through August 31. This includes all in-person programming, with the exception of day camps, which are wrapping up this week.
  • Staff is still available and can be reached at (626) 403-2200. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of our virtual programming.


Many of our residents may be seeking updates regarding the opening of schools.  We understand the importance of this information as you plan for the fall.  We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that the City and School district are separate entities that operate independently from each other.  In order to get the most accurate and up to date information, we recommend contacting the School District directly at 626-299-7000 or www.smusd.us.

 What Types of Businesses are Open?

There have been a lot of changes recently to the County’s Health Officer Order, especially as it relates to indoor and outdoor operations. Here is a summary of recent changes:

  • Restaurants may offer take-out, delivery, or outdoor dining only
  • Hair salons, barber shops, and personal care facilities may offer services outdoors only
  • Gyms and fitness centers can open for outdoor operations only
  • Non-essential office-based businesses must cease in-person operations of indoor portions
  • Museums, galleries, zoos and aquariums may open for outdoor operations only
  • Places of worship may hold outdoor services only

 July 23, 2020 Update

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Increase in COVID-19 Cases
COVID-19 is continuing to spread, including here in San Marino.  Last week, there was an increase from 35 to 41 cases in one day for San Marino.  It is also now spreading amongst a younger population.  In Los Angeles County, the majority of new cases are in people under the age of 41. It is critical that everyone does their part to slow the spread:

  •  Avoid gatherings with those outside of your household
  • Wear a face covering
  • Maintain physical distancing

  Our Resident Support Hotline staff is still available to assist you.  If you need help with things such as picking up groceries or medication, or if you are in need of a face covering, please call us.  We are also in the process of reaching out to our senior residents again.  Please don’t hesitate to call if you or someone you know needs assistance.  The Resident Support Hotline can be reached at 626-300-0731.

  Reopening Update

 This week the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health released new guidance on the outdoor operations for hair salons, barber shops and personal care services.  These services are now allowed to operate outdoors subject to the County's protocols.  Please see some of the updated requirements below. 

 Our Planning and Building Department is here to help ensure our businesses are still operating within our local codes as well. 



JULY 16, 2020 UPDATE


Updated Health Officer Order
The Los Angeles County Health Officer Order has been updated to be consistent with the closures announced by Governor Newsom on Monday.  The changes relate to the closure of indoor operations of certain sectors and services, except as noted below. 

  • Hair salons, barbershops, and certain personal care establishments (nail salons, esthetic salons, and electrology offices) must be closed to the public until further notice. The Health Order prohibits indoor operations, whether walk-in or by appointment. Further, Section 7317 of the California Business and Professions Code requires that all barbering, cosmetology and electrology services be performed in a licensed establishment.  Unfortunately, this results in the full closure of these types of services, whether performed indoors or outdoors.
  • All other personal care establishments must close their indoor portions and operations to the public. 
  • Fitness facilities must close their indoor portions to the public. 
  • Non-essential office-based businesses must cease in-person operations of all indoor portions and operations.
  • Indoor malls and shopping centers must close all indoor portions and operations to the public.  Businesses located within an indoor shopping center may offer goods for curbside pickup.  Businesses that are accessible from the exterior may remain open. 
  • Faith-based services may not be conducted indoors. 
  • Protests are prohibited indoors. 

 To read the full Health Officer Order, including the protocols required for each sector, click here - http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/HOO/2020.07.14_HOO_Safer%20at%20Home_Cessation%20of%20Indoor%20Ops.pdf
A Message from San Marino Resident Dr. Madhu Anvekar on COVID-19

JULY 13, 2020 UPDATE

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New Closures Ordered by the Governor

Today Governor Newsom announced additional business closures in response to the increasing spread of COVID-19.  For the Counties that are on the State’s County Monitoring list, which includes Los Angeles County, the following sectors must close their indoor operations:

  • Fitness centers
  • Worship services
  • Indoor protests
  • Offices for non-critical sectors
  • Personal care services
  • Hair salons and barbershops
  • Malls

Earlier this month, the Governor ordered the full closure of bars as well as the closure of indoor activities for restaurants, wineries/tasting rooms, movie theatres, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums, and cardrooms for counties on the County Monitoring List.  These sectors are now ordered to close their indoor operations throughout the entire state. 

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported today they will be modifying their Health Officer Order to align with the Governor’s announcement. 

As always, we urge you to wear a face covering, practice physical distancing, and avoid the 3 Cs – crowds, confined spaces, and close contact with those outside of your home.



As COVID-19 hospitalizations move towards an all-time high, we are asking our community to do their part to help slow the spread of the virus.  Avoiding the 3 Cs makes a big difference in keeping San Marino safe:

  • Crowds
  • Confined spaces
  • Close contact with those outside of your household.

 Wear a face covering, keep physical distance, wash your hands, and avoid the 3 Cs. These steps can help save lives and protect everyone in our community.  Remember, you are still safest at home and our Resident Hotline is still here to help if you need assistance – 626-300-0731.


You may have noticed that our weekly video is missing from this week’s briefing.  We did not include one this week since there haven’t been any recent modifications to the Health Officer Order.  When new announcements are made, we’ll be sure share the latest information with you. 


Chinese Translation
Today Governor Newsom announced new closures in response to the rising spread of COVID-19.  The closures apply to the 19 counties that have been on the State’s County Monitoring List for at least three days.  This includes Los Angeles County as well as our surrounding counties. Effective immediately, the following sectors must close their indoor operations:
  • Restaurants
  • Wineries and tasting rooms
  • Movie theaters
  • Family entertainment centers
  • Zoos and museums
  • Cardrooms
  • Bars must continue to remain closed, whether operations are indoors or outdoors.
The closures are expected to remain in place for at least three weeks.  In addition, the State is supporting the County’s efforts by closing all State beaches in counties that have closed their own beaches this weekend.  As a reminder, all beaches in Los Angeles County will be closed beginning Friday, July 3rd at 12:01 a.m. through Monday, July 6th at 5:00 a.m.  The beach closure is for the holiday weekend only. 

As the number of cases and hospitalizations continue to rise, please remember to wear a face covering, maintain physical distancing, wash your hands, and avoid gathering with those outside of your household. Gathering with people that are not part of your household is not permitted and puts everyone at risk. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe!

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