Where is the San Marino Police Department located?

What telephone number do I call for routine police services?

What telephone number do I call for emergency police response?

What are the Police Department business hours?

Has the Police Department adopted core values and performance expectations?

I am a resident of San Marino and I am having a party at my house. Can I hire San Marino Police Officers to work at the event to provide security?

How do I obtain information about your department career openings as a police officer?

What are the requirements to become a San Marino Police Officer?

I am currently working with another police department and I am interested in the lateral police officer position. Does your department waive any portion of the testing process for lateral applicants?

Does the Police Department handle calls regarding barking dogs and other animal issues?

Where do I go to get a dog license for my pet?

What are the requirements for having a burglar alarm on my property?

What is a nuisance burglar alarm?

Is there a penalty for nuisance burglar alarms?

Are there any restrictions on mechanical-powered devices (motor-powered tools / equipment)?

Does the city have an ordinance prohibiting the overnight parking of vehicles on city streets?

Can I obtain an overnight parking permit to park my car on the street?

How do I contest a parking citation I received?

How do I obtain a City bicycle license?

Is it a violation of City Ordinance to solicit door-to-door?

Does the City have a Commission to monitor and advise the City Council regarding traffic matters?

How do I report a dangerous or hazardous situation that I have noticed in San Marino?

I have a question that I would like to ask a San Marino Police Officer. How do I go about doing this?

How do I report traffic violations occurring in my neighborhood?

I'm going on vacation. Does the Police Department have a program to keep an eye on my house?

Does the Police Department maintain a residential key file for homes in San Marino?

Can I get my fingerprints taken at the Police Department?

Does the Police Department offer information regarding registered sex offenders and Megan's Law?

What is the San Marino Police Department's CLEAR Program?

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