What exactly does a firefighter do?
Basically a firefighter does all of the things below, plus some.
  • Extinguish fires of all types (structure, vehicle, vegetation).
  • Provide emergency medical care to the sick and injured as EMT's and Paramedics.
  • Respond to traffic collisions and perform technical rescue.
  • Respond to hazardous material incidents.
  • Perform fire prevention and safety inspections of buildings and occupancies.
  • Prepare and give presentations to the public on fire safety and disaster preparedness.
  • Training (your education never ends) - Firefighter must be proficient at many things.
  • Clean, maintain, and repair fire apparatus, equipment and stations.

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1. What exactly does a firefighter do?
2. How do I find out about entry level firefighter examinations?
3. What education, work experience, and qualifications should I have?
4. What is involved in the testing process?
5. What type of person is the fire department looking for?