We hardly ever have fires any more. What do you Firefighters actually do?
Good question. Actually, fires are only one of the emergencies we respond to, and not the most common anymore. Firefighting is about ten percent of what a fire department deals with these days. Seventy percent of our emergency responses are, in fact, calls for medical aid, including trauma on the street and illness at home. Other calls for emergency response involve hazardous materials releases, technical rescue (high places, deep places, tight places, water rescues, etc.) and what we euphemistically refer to as “public assist” requests (locked out, locked in, water problems you name it). The San Marino Fire Department responds to about 1500 requests for emergency assistance each year.

We also spend quite a bit of time maintaining our equipment, doing routine public safety inspections (one major reason we hardly ever have fires anymore), training for all types of emergency response and, of course, the paperwork associated with these activities. We also use our knowledge and energy to provide emergency training programs to the general public. Most popular of these is our NEAT and BEAT programs, (Neighborhood Emergency Action Team, and Business Emergency Action Teams).

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3. We hardly ever have fires any more. What do you Firefighters actually do?
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