When is a tree pruning permit not required?
  1. A tree pruning permit is not required when a homeowner wants to prune a tree located on private property. State of California requires any pruning of trees 15’ in height or greater be performed by an individual that possesses, at a minimum, a valid California State Contractors license (C27 or C61/D49).
  2. A property owner is not required to obtain a permit for removing any foliage or branches from any established tree where the work is actually and solely performed by the property owner. Any work performed must follow these industry standards:
    • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 Pruning Standards, ANSI Z133.1 Safety Standards
    • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Pruning Guidelines
    • ISA Best Management Practices: Tree Pruning
  3. A tree pruning permit is not required when a property owner wants to prune trees and shrubs that are not designated as “established” that are located on their property.
  4. No pruning permit is required to prune an established tree damaged by a storm, fire, or other natural disaster and determined to be dangerous by the city manager, any police officer, any firefighter, the Parks Director, the Planning and Building Director, or his / her designee. No person shall prune a damaged tree until such finding is made or unless such removal is otherwise exempt from the requirement to obtain a tree pruning permit.

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