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Barth Community Room

Max Occupancy 80

Crowell Public Library Meeting Rooms Brochure


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Chairs
  3. Projector
  4. Tables
This new community meeting room includes audio visual equipment for computer and DVD presentations; a podium and microphone and a small kitchenette for refreshment service. The room seats 80 auditorium style and tables are available. This room is located on the first floor at the entrance to the library. The dimensions are 38’ x 35’.

 $30 per hour*
 Community-Based Organization
 $100 per hour*
 General User Group
* Plus $250 Security Deposit, fully refundable

 ClassRoomStyle Classroom Style
Table with chairs all facing in one
direction. Maximum Seating: 36
 ConferenceRoomStyle Conference Style
Table with chairs all around it.
Maximum Seating: 30
 U-Style  U-Style
Three or more tables in a “U” form
with chairs around the outside.
Maximum Seating: 20
Theatre Style
Straight rows of chairs.
No tables. Maximum Seating: 80

Rows of chairs in a semi-circle.
No tables.

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