Department's Core Values


We hold ourselves to a high standard of conduct in everything we do, everything we say and everything we represent. We recognize that we hold positions of trust in our community. We are measured by how we perform our duties and live our lives. Integrity is the cornerstone of our profession and our most important value.

Hard Work

Every member of the San Marino Police Department is critical to the accomplishment of our mission and goals. Only through the hard work, tenacity and professionalism of everyone can the Department be successful. We take our responsibilities seriously and are constantly striving to attain perfection. Hard work embraces the philosophy of continuous improvement. We will continuously strive to surpass our previous accomplishments. Each member of the Department holds themselves personally accountable for what takes place in their sphere of influence. We embrace excellence as our driving force.

Support (Teamwork)

Demands for police service in our community are high. We work hard at supporting each other and maintaining positive lines of communication to meet these demands. All of us have a voice in how our department is managed. A football team, no matter how talented or well coached, cannot be successful if they each use a different “playbook” and compete as a group of individuals. We are no different.

Pride in Service

Police work is a noble profession. Our satisfaction comes from making a difference in our community. Our primary function is to serve the public. We view San Marino as our community. We recognize that there will always be those who need our protection, our guidance and our help. In providing these services, we will always be mindful of treating others as we would want our families, friends, loved ones or ourselves to be treated. Every public contact is unique and provides an opportunity to strengthen our public support. We will proactively address crime, disorder, and quality of life issues. We strive to build peace and tranquility in our community.