Alarm Permit Application

Alarm Permit Application

The City requires that all alarm users possess a city permit to operate alarms. Alarm permit applications are processed through the Police Department and they are responsible for all matters involving alarm permits.

In order to provide you with the best possible service and protection, the Police Department has established the following guidelines for alarm permit applications:

Complete the Alarm Application Form provided. If the emergency information changes during the course of the year, contact Administrative Analyst Lara Klhaejian and have your records updated.

Prepare a check or money order payable to “City of San Marino” for the proper amount according to the following permit fee schedule:

Starting Alarm Permit Fee:

Residential - $15.00
Commercial - $15.00

*Every year Alarm Permit Applications must be renewed.

Return the Alarm Permit Application and payment to the Police Department. It is in your best interest to make sure your alarm system is in proper working order. False alarms are substantial strain on the police services and are subject to fines according to the following schedule.

False Alarm Notification and Penalties

Police Alarm Permit New/Renewal $15

Police False Alarm Response-Burglary
1 st -3 rd response No Fee
4 th response $100
5 th response $250
6 th or subsequent responses $500

Police False Alarm Response-Robbery
1 st -3 rd response No Fee
4 th response $200
5 th response $500
6 th or subsequent responses $1000

(City of San Marino Municipal Code Section 14.01.07)

*These guidelines are subject to change without further notice.