Hiring Process

1.  Fill out an application and any supplemental forms if needed.
2.  Turn in or mail to:  2200 Huntington Drive, 2nd Floor, San Marino, CA 91108 by the specified deadline date.
3.  All applications will be reviewed after the deadline date.  Please give time to process and review applications.  We estimate 4-6 weeks before you will hear from us. 
4.  The City will notify you either by phone or mail if you are qualified to proceed to the next step in the process.
5.  Be invited for a written test if the position requires one. 
6.  If you pass the written test then you will be invited for an interview.
7.  Come in for an interview with a panel of 3-5 outside personnel.
6.  The City will notify you if you were successful in proceeding to a second interview.
7.  Be invitied to a second interview which is usually one person from the department you will be working for.
8.  Congratulations you have been selected!
9.  After you have been notified that you have been selected you will then need to go for fingerprint live scan and pre-employment physical.
10.  If you are applying for firefighter/paramedic or police personnel then you will have a more extensive process of backgrounds, polygraph, and psychological exams before being hired.
11.  If all tests are cleared you are ready to be hired.  We will then begin with an orientation that will explain your benefits, pay scale, and duties.
12.  Ready to begin your career with the City of San Marino.