About the Department

Mission Statement

To prepare the community to prevent or manage the most likely emergencies, to mitigate those that cannot be prevented, and to protect those we serve from the adverse effects of all hazards.


  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Safety


The Fire Department's motto is courtesy in service. 

Service Area

The City of San Marino Fire Department proudly and professionally serves a community of approximately 14,500 people and a square mile area of 3.75 miles.


22 total, which includes:
  • 12 Firefighter / Paramedics
  • One Fire Chief
  • One Secretary
  • Three Captains
  • Three Engineers
  • Two Division Chiefs


Six vehicles, which includes:
  • One Antique Fire Engine (1923 La France)
  • Fire Chief Vehicle 
  • Fire Marshall Vehicle 
  • Fire Command Vehicle 
  • Two Type 1 Pierce Fire Engines 
  • Two ALS Rescue Ambulance 
  • Utility Vehicle (unstaffed) 


  • $5,900,000
  • 40% Generated from Public Safety Parcel Tax

Revenue Generated Fiscal Year 2016-2017

  • $429,000 from Ambulance Paramedic Billing
  • $9,000 Fire Prevention Fees


  • Improved ambulance revenues through effective third-party billing and increased response area
  • Obtained federal grant funding for specialized training and equipment
  • Provided medical standby coverage at school athletic events
  • Supported special events sponsored by schools and community organization

Emergency Preparedness

  • Conducted emergency preparedness exercise for city staff
  • Conducted neighborhood disaster drills to evaluate effectiveness of community emergency response teams (CERT) training
  • Convened community Emergency Preparedness Committee to review city programs
  • Provided CERT training to Citizens
  • Conducted emergency preparedness courses for community 

Fire Prevention

  • Conducted residential fire and life safety surveys to identify hazards in the home
  • Devoted more than 1000 man hours to inspecting and patrolling the Enhanced Fire Protection Zone to reduce the risk of a catastrophic firestorm
  • Installed free smoke detectors in homes and replaced batteries

Emergency Response (Calendar Year 2015)

  • Achieved average response time (dispatch to arrival) of 3.46 minutes
  • Arrived at 85% of all calls in less than 5 minutes
  • Dispatched to 1652 total calls (965 medical, 49 fire, 122 services calls, 516 others)