New Houses, Additions & Remodeling

New Houses and Additions

All new houses, all second story additions, and one-story additions which are visible from public view require a Design Review Committee (DRC) hearing.  In certain cases where the project does not meet all of the code requirements, a Planning Commission hearing may be required instead.  One story additions that are not visible from public view can be approved administratively.  The maximum you can build on a lot is dependent on both the lot size and Area District in which the property is located.  Please view the City's zoning map to determine whether you need to fill out the Residential Plan Information Sheet for Districts IE-IV or the Residential Plan Information Sheet for Districts V-VII.  You may also submit a request to a planner to determine the maximum allowable livable area/lot coverage and minimum required setbacks for a certain address.


In general, interior remodeling does not require Planning Department approval but does require building permits.  However, any exterior changes, window replacements, or changes to the floor plan would need to be reviewed by the Planning Department prior to permit issuance. If you are considering new windows or a new roof, please review the City's pre-approved window material list and pre-approved roof material list.