Current Projects

The following is a list of current projects for the Department of Public Works:


2017 Street Rehabilitation Project

The Public Works Department has hired Hardy and Harper Inc. to conduct a street rehabilitation program. This project is scheduled to commence on October 2nd and conclude on November 22nd, barring inclement weather.  The purpose of this project is to maintain the structural integrity of our streets as well as prolong their service life. This project will include the removal and replacement of sidewalk, curb and gutter, cross gutter, and installation of ADA ramps. Trash and mail service should not be impacted by this work.  Some road closures will be experienced, we ask that residents are patient while we improve the infrastructure! The following streets will be resurfaced:

Adair Street From: San Marino Ave to Kenilworth Ave

Bedford Road From: Euston Road to Monterrey Road

La Mirada Avenue

Orlando Road From: Rosalind Road to Cameron Dr

Oxford Road From: Euston Road to Monterey Road

Ridgeway Road From: Roanoke Road to Melville Drive

Rosalind Road From: Oak Grove Ave to North City Limits

Wilson Avenue From: Los Robles Ave to El Molino Ave

Alhambra Road From: Lorain Road to South City Limits

Canterbury Road From: Palomar Road to San Gabriel Blvd

Chandler Place 

Chester Avenue From: California Blvd to Lombardy Road

Huntley Circle

Kewen Place

Montecito Drive From: San Marino Ave to Sierra Madre Blvd

Pilgrim Place

Roanoke Road From: San Marino Ave to Ridgeway Road

Wembley Road From: Monterey Road to Huntington Drive

Avonrea Road   

Blackstone Road From: Huntington Drive to Kinghurst

Canterbury Road From: California Blvd to Chaucer Road

Darby Road: Granada Avenue to Oak Knoll Avenue

Melville Drive From: Ridgeway Road to Del Mar Avenue

Mirasol Drive From: Huntington Drive to Rubio Drive

Monterrey Place

Street Light Conversion Project
- The final street light conversion project will begin on Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  Work will be performed Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. through 4:00 P.M.  For questions, call (626) 300-0793. 

     Street Light Conversion Project notice, click here

     Construction notice, click here.