Planning & Building

Helpful Numbers

  • Inspections/Permits: 626-300-0712
  • Building Inspector: 626-300-0753
  • Code Enforcement: 626-300-0789
  • Planning: 626-300-0713
Purpose & Responsibilities
Maintaining the high-quality residential character of San Marino is the top priority of the Planning and Building Department.

This department is responsible for administering and enforcing local and state regulations applicable to construction on private property within the city. Included in this responsibility is the review of construction plans, issuance of permits and field inspection of projects from foundation through final completion of buildings.

The department plays the major role in ensuring conformance with city ordinances, state laws, and promoting property maintenance.

Current Planning Activities
Current planning activities include providing zoning information to the public and reviewing development plans for compliance with city zoning regulations.

Long-range community planning guides the future growth and physical development of the city by updating the general plan and its various elements.

The department also provides staff support to the City Council, Planning Commission, and the Design Review Committee. The department also works with the business community through the San Marino Chamber of Commerce.

Code Enforcement
An important function of the department, code enforcement, is primarily conducted through the environmental services manager. Other staff members while conducting field work also identify and process visible code violations in hopes of obtaining compliance in a timely manner.

The combination of contract and in-house staffing for building inspections and plan check processing is especially beneficial during changes in the economic cycle. The department is able to reduce or eliminate contract services without resorting to layoffs of city staff.

Together the employees of the department are responsible for current and long-range community planning functions, building permit processing and inspection services, engineering, code enforcement, and zoning administration.
The department consists of:
  • Planning and Building Director
  • Senior Planner
  • Associate Planner
  • Building Inspector
  • Permit Technician
  • Environmental Services Manager
  • Contract City Engineer