Test Proctoring FAQ's

  • We administer paper and web based exams
  • Exams cost $30 each
  • Exams must be scheduled 7 days in advance and 3 hours before library closing:

    • Latest time for Mon-Thurs-6pm
    • Latest time for Fri-Sun-2pm
  • Absolutely no rescheduling, please make sure the exam date is one that you will be able to honor, we cannot reschedule exams.
  • We do not proctor high school exams.
  • The first step in the process would be to forward the information of the Test Proctor Coordinator to your instructor/professor/institution:

    • Joyce Peng
      626-300-0777 Ext 778  

*We receive a high volume of proctor applications from students and cannot follow up with every student individually regarding scheduling exams. Once you complete the first step in the process, please remember to follow up with the proctor coordinator here at Crowell to schedule a specific day and time to take your exam. It is also the responsibility of the student to ensure the institution sends the exam/exam instructions to Crowell Public Library prior to the test date.